Father and Son Bond Over Armis

Mr. Hoffman, a Human Resources manager who recently transferred from Hewlett-Packard to Microsoft, just got back from a two-week work assignment in New York. As he stood on the front porch of their house, he couldn’t be more excited.

“Dad? Is that you? Mom, dad’s finally here!” the young boy asked as he peered through the window.

“Hey buddy! How’s school? Did you take care of your mom?” Mr. Hoffman said as he knelt down to ruffle his son’s hair.

“Welcome back, dear. That’s an awful lot of baggage there. Did you buy a lot of toys for Spencer again?” said Mrs Hoffman, “I told you not to anymore…”

“Don’t worry, I have something entirely different for little buddy here,” said Mr. Hoffman in an assuring voice.

Just then, Spencer’s eyes glistened with excitement: “Really dad? Is it about that movie we watched? A military game? With helicopters?””

“Even better son,” Mr. Hoffman grinned.

Then with excitement and reverence, he slid out an elegant board with pieces wrapped in soft silk.
Mr Hoffman said, “Spencer, it’s about time you know how Armis is played.”