Armis takes over Kipp Academy

As Roger exited the Kipp Academy school bus, he felt something exciting and new was in store for him today.

It was on his way to his advanced Geometry class that he saw an old friend.

“Hey Anthony,” Roger called out.

“Hey dude … ” Anthony acknowledged. “I was looking for you, want to see something really cool?” Anthony said with a hint of subdued excitement in his voice.

That was all Roger needed to hear as he leaned over, trying to take a peek at the game box that Anthony kept clinched under his arm.

“Last night my dad got in from OPEC’s 50th Anniversary convention ... you know my dad’s with Exxon Mobil right?” Anthony asked

“Sure” Roger said as he nodded.

“He told me he met a Shell exec from Detroit who showed him this really cool game, then he bought it at the Airport as soon as he landed.” Anthony said

“So, dude, what exactly is it?” Roger said, running out of patience.

“Well, it’s called Armis, apparently it’s new and getting big!” Anthony said, as he showed Rodger the game box. “It sorta like chess on steroids, it’s really strategic but its also really fast, we can play during lunch -- wanna play?”

Roger didn’t need to hear more. He loved Chess and has playing it with Anthony many times, so he was confident that if Anthony was so excited about Armis, he was in store for a really exciting game.