Engineers Love Armis

At the surface, Arnold and Kevin seem to be living in entirely separate worlds. Arnold worked as an engineer for Facebook. Kevin was in the same profession, although he worked for an entirely different company, Google. Sure, the two were miles away from each other, but this didn’t stop them from connecting to each other once a week. Every Saturday afternoon, Arnold and Kevin would meet at their hang-out spot in UCLA.

The two go way back in their college days; they used to be dorm mates back in first year and has since then become best friends. Out of their many vast differences, they had two in common: the passion for software engineering, and this board game called Armis. It is a high-octane war game that allowed them to strategize and sharpen their wits, perfect for these two engineer best friends.

The date was December 18, 2010. That Saturday afternoon would’ve been no different from any other. The Armis board has been set: the Flag has been placed, the pieces are arranged side by side, and the Reserve is already beside the Flag. Minutes into the game, a boy sat beside Arnold watching intently—shifting his focus from the board game to the players. Once Kevin’s initial turn was over, the boy blurted out, “I’m going to go to UCLA and be an engineer. What is this game all about anyway?”