Busy busy

I can think of a million things going wrong in my life now. I go to my classes late at least 80% of the time, I turn over the most mediocre papers across hands down all subjects (and I mean all!), and I'm never gotten as close to hating writing.

I'm in the point where there's simply so much to be done, so I choose not to do anything.
I don't even know how to start ranting.

Nonetheless, I shall pick up the pieces, write all mandatory blog entries, pass my Chapter 1, write a fantastic reflection paper, finish all my work deliverables, and do everything a usually diligent boy does on time.

Hay. Life's cruel.


deejay said...

i so get what you mean. :P kakatamad pag nagpile up ang work, and you just don't wanna start anything bec. starting it means you have to finish it, which is... kakatamad. it's an endless cycle. :P