I therefore conclude: I am lucky to be alive.

Let me start with the banner statement: a lot has been happening in my life lately.
I won't even try to sound dramatic--it's almost 2am, and I just feel the need to document stuff.

1. You know the people who would randomly approach you and tell you they have no jeepney fare, someone stole their wallets, or give whatever sorry excuse to get money from you? Well, I'm convinced they're crazy fucktards who should all go to jail. My brother just got victimized--he lost his phone and wallet because of this scam. It was shit scary--he was stupid, but then again, these people appeal to pity and there's always that chance somebody'd feel a tinge of mercy for them. My brother was one of them.

2. I have come to the conclusion that surrounding yourself with the most beautiful people is the only way to ward off stupidity and negativity. By beautiful, I mean people who'd immerse you in enthralling, and yeah sometimes emotive, conversations and just make you realize there's still good in this world. People who'd make you understand that passion is still there, however unfair the circumstances may be. People who make you realize that good is still feasible. I only have my groupmates and sister to thank for that.

Earlier today, I went home with a friend, who ranted and raved about, well, about a LOT of things. It made me realize that some people are just so insecure--yet there are those who still cling on and act with such dignity and self-respect.

I realized later after that, through another conversation, that life is just unfair. People get sick for just no apparent reason--other than that they've been given trials. It pains me to think that some people have to go through such painful and difficult trials that's just impossible to overcome. And how they fight tooth and nail to get through it. The implication is astounding: what I'm undergoing right now is nothing. The trials God is giving me are nothing compared to the big world out there.

3. In the end, I guess I have nothing to complain about. I have everything I can possibly wish for--I just have to be.. mobile. Sometimes, I forget to be grateful--so forgetful, in fact, that I just skipped Church today. I've been surrounded by so much love, so there basically is no excuse for me to be evil and not to help out as much as I can.

4. We've gone so far. I'm fascinated at how much immature I realized myself to be. But I'm holding up, holding on. And something tells me that I can do this--not without the help of very supportive allies--again, a show of just how lucky I really am to have such real friends and family. I'm even surprised that I'm getting advice for this.

I'm going to take a lot of work to hit the road to selflessness, I admit. I'm getting there, though. And in the unlikely event that I don't, I know I have beautiful people who'll help me deal.


elleica said...

yes. there are indeed a lot that we should consider ourselves lucky to have despite the seemingly humongous trials we face. :D