2008 and Beyond

Despite all the unnecessary drama and negativity, when I stop and think about it, 2008 has been a great year for me. In fact, all the downsides didn't even matter, for every conclusion in every aspect of my life ended on a positive note.

This 2008, I was a bit more composed and a lot less hysterical--which is good; I now know the importance of composure and patience. If I were in my 2007 self, I wouldn't have been able to bear waiting for what seemed like 20 years in that wretched Unionbank branch. But I was in 2008, so I persisted, and bashed the woman behind the counter ONLY in my mind.

Been to many places: Bohol, Davao, and Laguna (haha, for quantity). Bohol, in my opinion, is one of the Philippines' best travel spots. I used to think of travelling as a heavy burden, especially in the country. Bohol made me realize why I used to love being in many places--and helped me learn to love it again. Davao was clean, pleasant; pity I didn't get to go around the place. Still, it was an experience etched in my memory of 2008; after all, I traveled without my family in a place miles away from home. As for Laguna, well, UPLB is still what it has always been: cold and comfortable.

2008 was a year of great grades. I was able to revive myself from the academic slump of the third semester and garner one of my highest averages yet in the following semester. But that's not all, because the succeeding semester was even better. I had my highest average yet, and curiously enough, I don't remember doing anything spectacular. That's not to say I didn't have my low points: I got a 76/100 in an exam, the highest in the class but one of the lowest in my memory. Well, I've had lower scores.

All the tournaments I participated, I was able to break into. The farthest I got for both tournaments was through the first obstacle, but that was far enough for me. Being an quarterfinalist in the UPIV and an octofinalist in the Nationals may not be good enough for the Circle yet, but it certainly was good enough for me. No matter, I shall work even harder. :|

2008 is also a year of good friends. There were humps along the road, yes. But it's amazing how these humps were only able to make friendships stronger. With them, I had my first facial treatment, my first family-ish dinner with authentic Japanese food (in Little Tokyo!), and many other things (I don't want to enumerate at the moment hehe). Oh, we also made our first documentary film, JR X--a certified hit as proven by the uno we got in 104. Mwahaha. Yet with another set of friends, I was able to unleash my inner landi and do unthinkable things by Arvin. Hehe.

It was also a bad year for friends. I simply outstretched my palms, and off they go to places I cannot and will not go to. The physical presence of these friends, if any, are buried by my own grudges and by their own imbecile selves. True, sometimes, certain relationships reach their apex--and upon reaching such, there's nowhere to go but down. And down these friendships went.

I lost God along the way in 2008. Finding Him in myself was as complex a task as I could ever imagine. I know He's there, but I've been hiding. He's speaking, but I'm only hearing. It's just too hard; only later did I realize: He's here, never there. And He's speaking to me.

I also can't remember any other year when I wanted to bash the head of stupid people who made stupid choices, did stupid things, thought stupid thoughts, and lived up to their self-proclaimed stupid selves. A friend said God breathes in these people and they are no less loved than I am. I have yet to find that out, but I will.

I hosted one too many events. I never say myself as host material, must be because I'm some sort of an eyecandy onstage.

I kept secrets and told them only to a few people who deserved such merit, so far one of the more mature decisions I've done this year.

My sister passed the Nursing boards, and topped it! The glory was well-deserved.

The singer in me was unleashed. I sang in SM Appliance Center, for mother to finally buy that wretched singing device. Not a good venue for a debut performance, I think.

I had a bald haircut, which sparked both positive and negative remarks

I recall having my first kiss. Terrible, and not memorable at all. Ack, why did I even recall?

I had my heart taken by different people throughout the year. But I saved the most for the best. This, is the best.

I formed a dream in 2008, something I've been looking for in a long time. I only have vignettes of it with me, but I shall find it. My dream shall be found.

In finding this dream, I have but one desire, one weapon, one simple resolution: discipline. In 2008, I had about a pint-sized amount of this--not good.

That Wretched Feeling Once in a While

At least every once a year, there comes an unfortunate time in my life when I am practically forced to face a certain group of people, most of whom are overbearing and insipid. For at least seven hours, I am not allowed to smirk, raise my eyebrows, or mock--three actions which, if you know me all too well, are integral parts of my being, just as my eyes and hands are. If I do, or if I even so much as attempt to, I will get a good tongue lashing good to last for half my lifetime from one of my parents. And once I am there, I am subject to self-absorbed conversations about people I otherwise wouldn't care about. Every now and then, there would be false pretenses of admiration about what a nice and well-gromed children we are. I am, however, allowed to share a few evil thoughts with the only other person in the same position as I: my sister.

But I must go. They are, after all, blood of my blood. My so-called relatives.

They're not exactly degenerates or species of another kind (though picturing them as such is an exercise too good to pass up, I have found). In fact, they are supposed to breathe life to the cliche, Blood is thicker than water--precisely why I am a dubious believer of such adages.

Who--or what they are--I couldn't exactly put to words. It's not so much the differences in our cultures that set us so far apart; perhaps it's the fundamental differences in our life perspectives. Or not. It's more of an irreparable damage never to be strewn back into the same old ideal tapestry. Many years into these reunions, I still am not able to describe the damage, or the distance that set us apart.

And I never will, for I have long since given up trying to understand. Instead, I force myself to grin and bear everything for that period of seven hours. And upon the last second of that seventh hour, I will have gone home at most 300 pesos richer and emotionally numbed by all the mockery I will have kept inside.

I do not want to go. I want to stay in my room, where I am most comfortable and away from dealings I do not want to deal with just yet. I do not want to go, for doing so will exponentially increase my vault of sins. I have better things to do; sleeping is not the least of them.

Now you ask, are these people as horrible as I claim or am I just being true to my self?

You're right. I absolutely agree.

Nintendo DSi in the Philippines!

Very recently, I applied again for another online writing company called Writista--and got accepted. Anyway, one of the samples I wrote was a Press Release for Nintendo DSi, a gadget I long to have but cannot for obvious *financial* reasons. Everything in this Press Release is fictional, especially the last part: I am not related to Nintendo in any way.

A part of me fears that Nintendo will somehow find this and sue me or something, God forbid. :|

Nintendo announces release date of Nintendo DSi in Philippines

Nintendo DSi, sold in Matte Black and Matte White

Manila, Philippines -- January 2009 -- After a long wait for video gaming fans, Nintendo has finally announced the release of the Nintendo DSi to the Philippines. It will be sold in Matte Black and Matte White colors in all leading toy stores this coming January. Sold at ¥ 18,900 in Japan, its retail price in the Philippines has yet to be determined. However, it is expected to be sold at $ 192 in USA and Europe.

The Nintendo DSi is the third generation of the Nintendo DS family. Compared to the second Nintendo DSi model, it is thinner by 2.6 millimeters. Its screen size has significantly improved at 3.25 inches, as well as its speakers. Another notable adjustment is the power button, which is now beside the left side of the lower screen. With such improvements in its speakers and screens, gamers can expect the overall gaming quality to be even more vivid.

However, the DSi is more than just for gaming. It also has an external SD memory card slot, which can be used for playing songs and photo slideshows. Without the external memory, it has a 256 internal memory. It also has 2 cameras, as most features and improvements of the DSi come in two’s. The two VGA cameras are located outside the shell and on the hinge respectively. These can be used not only for improving the gamers’ experience, but also to take memorable snapshots with friends and family members.

Already, video-gamers and portable media fans in the Philippines are expressing their delight at the Nintendo DSi’s upcoming release. “The DSi’s features give an altogether different meaning to quantity and quality,” avid video-gamer Arvin says. “I will definitely be one of the first people to buy this gadget.” With Nintendo DSi’s varied features, Nintendo aims to tap everybody’s attention, not just hardcore gamers.

For additional information about the DSi in the Philippines, e-mail Nintendo’s customer service. You may ask about the detailed features of the Nintendo DSi and its retail outlets across the country.

About Nintendo:

Nintendo is the leading manufacturer of gaming consoles Wii and Nintendo DS. It has the largest market share in both products, relative to its competitors.


Arvin Kristopher Razon

Nintendo Philippines



This article is not officially related to Nintendo, nor did it have the permission of the Nintendo company. It has no verified and significant factual content, and holds many assumptions. It may not be published elsewhere without the author’s permission.

Culture, friends, culture

At some point, bane and negativity will hit the fend and not before long, I will have nothing to write about. So, I figured, maybe I ought to give up the whole drama about being pessimistic, despite the fact that, well, I am pessimistic.

Instead, I'm going to write about things I've always wanted to write but somehow never found the time to do so.


And for that, I shall re-christen this blog.

Though, really, I'm not sure I can keep this up, what with the dearth of media I've been experiencing as of late. Still, it never hurts to try, dunnit?